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Northern Stars Gymnastics

SPRING / summer Camps

Gymnastics will help your child get more out of life. It will help develop physical skills and at the same time foster both mental discipline and social relations. Along the way they will have lots and lots of fun whether their interest is strictly recreational, or their goals lead them into competition.


Through gymnastics, children learn to be more aware of how their bodies move and perform and they gain greater control over these movements. NCCP Certified coaches introduce the basics of gymnastics, modifying the equipment for climbing, swinging, jumping, and rolling. With emphasis on FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS children as young as 18 months learn body awareness and control - both essential building blocks for many other sports activities such as skiing, skating, hockey, diving, swimming and more.


Northern Stars Gymnastics’s Recreational programs continue the athlete's development. Our Competitive Gymnastics programs are second to none. We shall be offering superb coaching for all levels of competitive athlete from interclub through provincial and national caliber.


Our services include artistic gymnastics, tumbling, day camps, birthday parties, family and adult drop in classes, school trips, coaching clinics, and much more. Classes are available during the day and evening to accommodate all schedules and lifestyles. Programs are offered for ages 18 months and up.

The sport of gymnastics has a wide range of appeal from the recreational gymnast who participates just for fun, to the high performance competitors who strive for international success. Gymnastics helps to improve physical fitness, demands mental focus, and provides a valuable outlet for creative energy and personal expression. All ages can gain something positive from the sport of Gymnastics.

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