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All programs at Northern Stars Gymnastics are instructed by fully qualified, NCCP certified gymnastics coaches. Our programs provide a safe, progressive learning system that rewards children for their improvements.

Boys & Girls Recreational classes are weekly, and open to ages 18 months through teen.

Northern Stars Gymnastics

Parents n' Tots  18 mo - 3 yrs  45 min/wk
Program provides an opportunity for a toddler with their parent to enjoy first introduction to structured physical activities in a group setting.

TinyGym 3-4 yrs 1h
First introduction to gymnastics for boys and girls without parental guidance.

MiniGym    4 yr - 5 yrs  1 hour/wk
Introduction to basic gymnastics locomotion and skills. Children will learn and develop skills at individual rates.

Junior Recreational    5 yr - 7 yrs  1.5 hour/wk
Senior Recreational    8 yr - 11 yrs  1.5 hour/wk
Co-ed Recreational programs including various gymnastic apparatus with an emphasis on Fun-Fitness-Fundamentals. Athletes will learn and develop new skills at individual rates.

Girls' Advanced    ages 7+    2 hour/wk
Program provides progressive instruction of gymnastic skills building upon previous recreational experience. Coach invitation is required.

Intensive 3Hr     ages 8+     3 hour/wk
Weekly 3 hour class focusing upon advanced recreational level skills.  Coach invitation is required.

TeenGym     ages 12 +     2 hour/wk
Structured program for both beginer and advanced levels in which athletes progress at their own levels with the assistance of a certified coach.

Tumbling          ages 7 yrs +        1 hour/wk
Progressive instruction of tumbling skills. In-floor Tumble-Trak and mini tramp will be used in this program.   Previous gymnastics experience required.