birthday parties @ the gym

Your child and their friends will have a great time and enjoy our Trampoline Track, In-ground Foam Pit, Mini-Tramps,Parachute, Foam Blocks, combined with games and activities for a guaranteed fun time!

Fully Air-Conditioned, Bright, Clean Facility

One hour of gym activities supervised by our NCCP Certified Gymnastic coaches,
followed by 45 minutes in our party room for your gifts and cake.

B.Y.O.C. ... bring your own cake, snacks & drinks !

Ages  4 & Up

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Birthday Partys are offered for ages four and up. We can accomodate parties with a younger sibling participating and require one parent to participate with the child.

Birthday Party Gymnastics Activity will include mini trampolines, obstacle courses, parachute games and other fun activities using gymnastic apparatus. This is a supervised party for children. Children will be grouped and will participate in the gymnastics activities with an NCCP certified instructor. Please note there is no free-play in the gymnastics area. Only the parents of the birthday child are allowed on the gym floor for last 10 min. to take pictures. For children who cannot stay with an instructor and group, they will be asked to view the party from viewing area until the conclusion of the gym activities.

Sundays @ 12:30 - 2:15 p.m,

                      2:00 - 3:45  p.m.,

                      3:30 - 5:15  p.m.,




Package #1      Up to 9 children

Package #2      Up to 14 children

Package #3      Up to 20 children


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Registration form and deposit are required to book Birthday Party  time slot.